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Ultimate Living With Dee

Available for seminars, conferences, small classes, webinars and one on one sessions!


Dee specializes in Strategic life lessons and Trauma Effect Relief - the two usually go hand in hand. She shares amazing lifestyle strategies that will help you conquer your fears and turn your pain into triumph. 

No matter what you're struggling with; 

Business struggles? Feeling stuck?

Need to start over financially?

Need help with your Career path? Finding what really matters to you?

Or maybe its more personal, more deeper...

Relationship struggles? Issues trusting?

Finding it difficult to allow intimacy?

Do you keep hurting the people who love you?

Do you keep allowing yourself to be hurt?

Book Dee. 100% given at every event. Passionate, engaging. Knowledgeable, prepared, professional and caring. Her only goal is seeing you reach yours.


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