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 A Letter From Dee: 

Welcome to the Official Ultimate Living page with Dee. Dee is a strategic life advisor and mental health human rights advocate. She also teaches on The LAW of Sequence. Patterns that either benefit you or cause upheaval in your affairs. Join us and become a part of the family.




I am so happy you're here. I want to connect with you. Here's a bit about me; I am a survivor of childhood trauma, poverty, depression and self mutilation. I do not profess to know everything, however I can share the secrets that have worked for me & countless others.

I can help you end the cycle of reckless behavior and you will see an improvement in your career, relationships and health. The amazing part is, I am continuously learning. In-fact I'd like to hear from you too!! Feel free to share your stories with my team and I, so we can shine the light on you. When we all share our life lessons, we help others graduate to the next level. Let's grow together as we experience Ultimate Living.

The Ultimate Living team is making a difference!! We've paid for school supplies and GED completion, assisted with food via our Earth Angels group and connected emotionally wounded hearts with peer inspirationalist from our PAW group. We also work closely with life coaches & grief counselors. Let us know if you are in need of any of the services we provide or contact us about volunteer and sponsor inquiries.

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